Spotify’s current interface does not allow users to adjust their favorite songs to match their current mood. Users have to search for premade playlists or change the song completely. 
The Spotify Mood Mixer introduces an innovative solution to the dynamic and ever-changing landscape of music preferences. By allowing users to deconstruct any song into its essential components—vocals, bass, drums, and melody—this feature addresses the diverse and personalized nature of individual moods. 
It offers a tailored solution for music enthusiasts who seek more than just a passive listening experience. With the integration of AI-driven auto-mixing capabilities, this feature not only simplifies the process but also ensures a seamless and enjoyable musical journey. Spotify Mood Mixer emerges as a solution that puts the reins of musical expression firmly in the hands of the listener, offering an unprecedented level of control and customization.
Final Video showcasing the Spotify Mood Mixer feature. 
The Work Behind The Product 
Discovery and Exploration as a Team 
To warm up and get into the creative mindset each team came together with one installation in the “listening museum”. The museum allowed us to explore what it looks, sounds, and feels like to listen, examining what’s working well, what drawbacks exist and places for enhancement.   
Our team chose to display “The Loudest Sound Known To Man” AKA the THX Deep Note.
Platform Team Research 
As a team we brainstormed platforms that have audio features that could be enhanced. We decided to research the audio book app Libby and discover how we could enhance the audio with visuals. Libby’s problem was that the reading experience when listening does not provide real time feedback of what word and line the audio is on.
Solution to Libby
The listeners experience when hearing an audiobook read aloud can be improved by adding a visual text component. Similar to the Spotify lyrics that scroll with the song having text that Scrolls over your phone screen while an audiobook plays will help readers stay involved with the document and reduce daydreaming when they're trying to stay focused on the story. If you need to get up and move around when listening to the story that's fine too, just click off your smartphone, the audio will keep playing and the text will resume whenever you're ready to jump back in!
Moving From Team to Solo Research
Due to the group research and diving into Spotify’s interface, the idea of Spotify Mood Mix was born. The first steps towards bringing the idea to reality was user personas, user stories, and wireframes.
Frank Morris is a 27-year-old production manager residing in the city of Boston, MA. With a passion for music deeply ingrained in his soul, Frank has always been drawn to the world of sound and rhythm. He started as a musician in his teenage years. playing the guitar and exploring various genres, but he soon got a job with a steady income. 
One thing that has always intrigued Frank is the ability to manipulate the vibe of the songs he listens to. He often finds himself wishing for a way to easily adjust the mood or instrumentals of a track to match his current mood or surroundings. 
Frank dreams of a technology solution that would allow him to fine-tune the music he loves, creating customized soundscapes for any occasion, whether it's a relaxing evening at home or a lively gathering with friends.
- Limited time to spend practicing his love for music. 
- Lack of control over music he listens to. 
- Wants a way to enjoy every aspect of a song separately without external apps.

“I miss making music :(I wish I could have a outlet during my commute.”
Carrie is a security officer with a keen eye for detail and a strong relationship with music. She has been working in the security industry for the past 4 years, ensuring the safety and security of various establishments, mostly monorting cameras. She is in a room alone for hours on end and loves to work on school work and listen to music. She feels she has heard every song and wants to dip her toes into creating new sounds.
Carrie's goal is to find a user-friendly way to mix songs and create playlists that reflect her unique musical taste. She has a desire to bridge the gap between her love for music and her limited tech-savviness
Carrie has a creative side and enjoys brainstorming unique ideas, especially when it comes to blending songs together in her head. She needs an outlet in the form of a software with little learning curve.
- Technological Hurdles: Carrie struggles to use modern DJ software 
- No accessible way to experiment with her music ideas.

“It's like I have a little DJ in my head that mixes songs all day.”
User Journey Story Boards
User Journey and Happy Path of Frank Morris.
Script and Storyboard
Scene 1
Scene: actor on their way home from work listening to music through headphones. Appears sleepy. Look to their phone to change their song to something more upbeat. 
Camera: zooms into mood mixer icon 
Voiceover: introducing Spotify mood mixer! 
Scene: The actor notices the Spotify Mood Mixer icon. Clicks the icon and brings the bass, drums, and music stems up. 
Voiceover: any song can now be separated into four it’s four major components. 
Scene: music is isolated to vocals 
Voiceover: vocals Scene: music is isolated to bass 
Voiceover: bass 
Scene: music is isolated to drums 
Voiceover: drums 
Scene: music is isolated to the melody 
Voiceover: melody 
Scene: The actor jamming out to the song with more bass and drums.
Scene 2
Scene: The actor walks into the home drops keys and connects to Alexa to continue playing the song. 
Voiceover: no matter where you are or what mood you’re in you can mix to match your vibe. 
Scene: The actor puts the phone down and brings down vocals. 
Voiceover: are you in the mood for a hype beat with some strong vocals to sing to? Add a song to the mix and use AI auto mix the songs to mash together senselessly. 
Scene: The actor adds the song to the mix and continues to get ready for bed.
Scene 3
Scene: The actor gets in bed with the music playing and seems to have trouble sleeping. 
Voiceover: you now have more control over your music than ever before. 
Scene: The actor grabs the phone and makes the song instrumental. Lays down smiling and comfortable. 
Voiceover: Spotify mood mixer! Scene: cuts to logo screen. 
Voiceover: mix YOUR perfect song.

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