​​Hello, my name is Mason (AKA Draw Out Life). Currently I am studying Graphic Design at MassArt. Growing up I have always had a love for illustration and problem solving. However, as first-generation college student I was unaware of the possibilities. After attending UMASS Amherst for a year majoring in mechanical engineering I felt my love for problem solving was being fulfilled, but I was abandoning my love for illustration. That's when I went to community college to explore new paths without a huge financial burden. I discovered graphic design and it was a space where I could get the best of both worlds. Two years, and an associates degree later, I transfered to MassArt and I am continuing my journey. 
As I grow as a designer I currently work part time as a freelance designer/artist connecting with people through social media and helping bring artistic ideas to life. My work is usually described as vibrant, expressive, and clean. I pride myself in my ability to adapt my style and workflow depending on the task at hand. 
I am working hard to expand my skills in multiple fields of work including graphic design, illustration, animation, photography, videography, and traditional art. My background in traditional mediums complements my graphic design skills, but  I am always open to learn and discover new ways to explore my creativity and continuously grow in my field!
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